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    Students of Waggoner finally got to see a Live “Art Masterpiece” Master at work…Melanie Stimmell. So often in our art presentations our students ask, “Why are they all dead?” “Why are they all old?” and “Are they all boys?” The opportunity arose to bring an Artist, very much alive, to share her 500 year old tradition with our kids and as an added bonus, it was a girl!” -Holly Schineller Art Masterpiece Coordinator. Waggoner Elementary. Tempe, AZ.

    Melanie has been teaching the arts since 1993. On the Education Roster of the Los Angeles Music Center and Segerstrom Center for the Arts, the Master Artist offers Italian Street Painting workshops to children and adults. In 2006, after working with countless schools and events, Melanie developed the Street Painting Academy opening up her workshops to students around the world. Melanie will visit your school campus or event for an amazing presentation and demonstration of the beloved Italian art form followed by a hands on session where students have time to explore the medium and create something all their own. The workshops are fun and educational while teaching the students to work together to create a vivid asphalt masterpiece. This experience is a team building effort that ends with a sense of pride and accomplishment for all involved.

    For the past six years, Melanie has been performing her street paintings at the Visual Arts Scholastic Event in Houston Texas. Each of these original paintings has been donated to the organization for their permanent collection. V.A.S.E. is a regional competition for high school art students sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association. As Featured artist, Melanie performed her inspirational street paintings during the two day event allowing students to paint along side her.

    Street Painting Workshops

    Street painting workshops are 1 hour sessions per class for an introduction to this Italian folk art. Children are given a chance to explore the medium after an inspiring and historical presentation of street paintings from around the world and a hands on demo by the artist. Working with you on curriculum connections, Melanie can tailor the workshop to relate to current studies.


    Street Painting residencies are a more intensive submersion in the the art form. Working within 6, 8, or 12 one hour sessions, students will learn to compose an image, create a color scheme, and paint with Soft Pastels while learning the vocabulary of art. They will create individual street paintings and also a large collaborative painting to encourage team work and artistic respect for one another. Residency projects are specifically designed to connect with your current curriculum and meet all VAPA standards. Email us to request a sample syllabus.


    This is a unique opportunity for young students to learn the most respected classicalform of art creation. Lead by International artist Melanie Stimmell VanLatum, students will explore the most popular painting techniques of the last 5 centuries. Using only the safest materials, Melanie will implement the use of Water-soluble oils on canvas to teach the same processes learned in the most prestigious art and painting academies. Introduction to Oil Painting residencies are educational& inspirational while giving students an understanding of art vocabulary, processes and theory.