• Festivals

    Melanie has taught workshops across the globe, not only for young students but also for professional artists seeking new techniques in pastel. Cities and Organizations around the world call on Melanie and her team to perform and teach students the history and techniques of this 500 year old tradition. Melanie has taught workshops in Holland, Turkey, France, Israel, Curacao, Thailand, and The Republic of Georgia.

    In 2011, Melanie traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia to teach students at the Tbilisi State Academy of the Arts the art of 3D street painting.

    Mini Campus Street Painting Festival

    Have a special event or something to celebrate at your school? Imagine your campus grounds covered in a mosaic of vibrant images created by your students in a mini street painting festival. Each child would create their own individual painting inspired by your special day’s theme. Our Street Painting Academy Artist will design an incredible layout and flow while guiding your mini artists through the history and techniques of street painting. The end result will be picture perfect.

    art parties

    Perfect for Birthdays, Holidays, or any Celebration, our Street Painting Party can be hours of fun for children and adults while leaving a beautiful mosaic of color and imagery for you to enjoy. Share your theme with us and we will create a series of activities just for your party and age group.
    Our parties include hands on instruction, painting supplies, and professional artist to help bring your images to life. Our Street Painting Party can accommodate almost any size group and any location where asphalt, brick, or cement are available.

    Campus Art Gallery

    The Street Painting Academy can spend any number of days with your students to create unique works of art in pastel, watercolor, oil, or mixed media. Our team will cleverly tie the subject of each project into your current curriculum to make visual and thought provoking connections for students. SPA will Matt and Mount each finished painting to create a stunning Gallery of Fine Art.